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Monday, October 21st 2013. | Office Design Ideas

Nails are necessary materials if one wants to set up a structure. They are used to attach pieces together especially wood pieces. Since no building can stand without using even a single nail, there are businesses all over that sell these items.
As a nail shop owner, it will not be hard for you to design your business both from the exterior and interior. The exterior should have a welcoming color that attracts customers. Like any business would do there will be calligraphic writings giving the name of the business.

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Interior decoration is actually simpler than exterior. Normally, a must-have is a weighing machine that you will use to weigh different quantities that the clients will ask for. To make it convenient for you, arrange the nails in an appropriate structure like a ledge according to the various sizes. Nails can be differ in inches hence they need to be arrange so that it will be easy for you to locate the exact size they want.
You may want to expand your business to sell other materials that are used together with nails. Things like rivets and screws are in the same line hence you can sell them to give you more earnings to the business.

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